Re: Plans?

From: vytautas <>
Date: Sat, 05 Mar 2005 16:32:24 -0500
To: Dmitry Karasik <>

Dmitry Karasik wrote:

> Hi vytautas!
>On 24 Feb 05 at 18:24, "vytautas" (vytautas ) wrote:
> vytautas> What is planned for Prima-1.18? -
>Nothing really, maximum some bugfixes. Any ideas?
Some ideas.

"insert->" allows to insert a list of widgets, i would like to insert a
hierarchy of widgets.
This could be implemented by assigning a list of widgets to a "widgets"
property. If this is already possible, could i get an example?

Extending functionality of list and outline.

Selected elements of list could be draged in between other elements(like
in a playlist of many audio players).
Cntrl+click would select a single item and shift+click would select a
range of items from the last selected(like in many file managers).

Multiple selection in outlines.

DragDrop DragOver and EndDrag as i see it.

EndDrag - for dragging between widgets mouseup should have additional
parameter - a reference to widget where the mouse was pressed.
DragOver - a separate case of mouseover where get_mouse_state is
DragDrop - mousedown with checking some flags like in

After sorting a list is scrolled to show the focused item. There could
be a scrollaftersort property
enabling to choose a scrollaftersorting mode something like
1 -> show the top
2 -> dont scroll
3 -> scroll to show focused item
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