BUG with renaming a TabbedNotebook

From: lanas <lanas_at_securenet.net>
Date: Mon, 10 Oct 2005 09:31:20 -0400
To: prima_at_prima.eu.org

Hi !

  I think I've found a bug in TabbedNotebook. The bug results in
multiple tabbed pages (in this case 2) widgets all shown on the first
page of the TabbedNotebook. It's easy to reproduce, here's how:

 1) Place a TabbedNotebook1 widget on a new form using VB.
 2) Add 2-3 tab pages to it, each with a different name.
 3) On the first tab page, place a few simple widgets.
 4) On the second tab page, place a few more widgets.
 5) Save and close the form, write a little perl code to make it run,
    run it.
 6) Re-open the form in VB.
 7) Change the name of TabbedNotebook1 to ABPNotebook (for example),
    save the modification.
 8) Make the form run inside VB and you will see all widgets of both
    pages shown on the first tab page. Same if you run it with the
    Perl code.

 I think it should be possible to rename a TabbedNotebook later
(as any widget) without loosing all tab page compositions. In my case
I did not loose too much so that's OK. But I'm certainly very glad to
have found this bug this early in the project.

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