Re: Xorg / Prima Color Bug

From: Dmitry Karasik <>
Date: 14 Oct 2005 08:21:57 +0200

        Hi Jens!

On 13 Oct 05 at 23:34, "Jens" (Jens Gassmann) wrote:

 Jens> Hi, i download Prima 1.18 today and test the examples. But the
 Jens> dialog-windows was black-colored.


I can see that Prima wasn't compiled with libungif support, do you have
libungif installed (or, was it installed in a directory where Prima couldn't
find it)?

As for black rectangles, I've never seen anything like this , so I'm
curious what happened. I have two guesses, one is that you have a
particularly nasty visual, ( try running Prima with other --visual flags,
see xdpyinfo for valid visual IDs ), or you have XRDB configured so
strangely that all Label widgets paint it black. Try running the example
with --debug=mp, and see if Label requests for anithing other than
color #000000 .

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