Re: Prima::Edit display speed

From: Dmitry Karasik <>
Date: 24 Oct 2005 07:57:39 +0200

        Hi lanas!

On 23 Oct 05 at 20:15, "lanas" (lanas ) wrote:

 lanas> Hi ! Following the previous topic on running parallel commands
 lanas> using a pipe:

 lanas> $file = Prima::File-> new( file => feed_batch, mask => fe::Read,
 lanas> onRead => \&runBatch );

 lanas> I show in an Prima::Edit widget the output of the external
 lanas> commands like this ($buffer is what's read from the pipe):

 lanas> $form->MsgBox->insert_text(" " . $buffer . "\n\n");
 lanas> $form->MsgBox->cursor_down;

You see, cursor_down() moves cursor exactly one line down, which
unsurprisingly cases mess if you insert more than one line.

It happens so that insert_text() doesn't
move the cursor ( which I think is a correct behavior ), so you should
experiment with cursor_xxx commands ( cursor_end, cursor_cpgdn ) or see
how these are implemented, if these aren't enough.

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