How to access and edit widget...

From: lanas <>
Date: Thu, 15 Sep 2005 20:14:58 -0400

Hello everyone,

  How do we access an Edit widget located inside a TabbedNotebook ?

  Still following Dmitri's example of parallel processing using pipes and
moving it to a VB-based example, I tried:

$form->Edit1->insert_text($what . "\n");

And then we have:

Unknown widget or method "Prima::Window::Edit1" at ./ line 32

So it could very well be that the Edit widget is child of the TabbedNotebook,
so I tried:

$form->TabbedNotebook1->Edit1->insert_text($what . "\n");

But this gives:

Unknown widget or method "Prima::TabbedNotebook::Edit1" at ./
line 32

In these examples, $form is what's return by VBLoader.

Thanks for any suggestions,

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