Re: new to Prima / Linux vs Windows question

From: Dmitry Karasik <>
Date: 30 Sep 2005 09:24:35 +0200

        Hi Paul!

On 29 Sep 05 at 21:06, "Paul" (Paul Archer) wrote:

 Paul> I'm just starting to try out Prima (in hopes of writing an image
 Paul> viewer/cataloger program). I was trying out the example program
 Paul> '' (image viewer) with a large file (8 megapixels) to get an
 Paul> idea of performance, and I noticed that it was significantly faster
 Paul> under linux (1-2 seconds to open and display) than under Windows
 Paul> (6-8 seconds). That's using the Windows binaries downloaded from the
 Paul> Prima homepage, and compiling from scratch on Linux.

 Paul> Is this normal behavior/performance for Prima on Windows?

I'm afraid that it is, but I cannot explain that without further

I assume that your 8Mpix image is a jpeg, in which case both linux
and win32 codecs use the same libjpeg, and such difference might be
attributed either to that libjpeg was compiled without optimizations on
win32, or a particularly unlucky pattern on memory usage on win32.
I'll try to recompile prigraph-win32 with optimization and see if that
gives any difference, but as for the other possibility , I don't even
know how to test it.

As to recompiling Prima , I don't think that would matter, but you can try and
see if it does make a difference. Rather, instead measuring it on,
try 'time perl -MPrima -e "Prima::Image->load(shift) or die $@" mypic.jpg'

btw, on my 2.4GHz w2k box it takes 1.7 seconds on a 20Mpix image. I'd
suggest to try it several times in arow, and if numbers go down, it might
be that you windows box doesn't have enough memory, but that's just a wild

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