PDL::PrimaImage homepage

The module is based on the Prima toolkit and PDL ( perl data language ) library and provides interface between PDL scalars and Prima images .

Maintainer: Dmitry Karasik (dmitry@karasik.eu.org)

POD documentation

Installation instructions

  • Download PDL-PrimaImage-1.00.tar.gz.

  • Unpack it somewhere. Use

    $ tar xzf PDL-PrimaImage-1.00.tar.gz

    on systems with GNU tar, and

    $ gzip -cd PDL-PrimaImage-1.00.tar.gz

    on other systems.

  • cd to PDL-PrimaImage directory.

  • Type perl Makefile.PL

  • If everything goes well, type make

  • If everything goes well, type make install.