VB: Bug with fonts in GroupBox

From: lanas <lanas_at_securenet.net>
Date: Sun, 6 Nov 2005 18:49:22 -0500
To: prima_at_prima.eu.org


  Here's a VB bug concerning fonts.

  1) Place a GroupBox on a form
  2) Place a CheckBox, a Label, an InputLine in it
  3) Select the GroupBox and change its font style to bold
  4) Run the form in VB

  All text inside the GroupBox will be bold.

  5) Return to VB in edit mode and select the CheckBox
  6) Verify its font: it's not bold
  7) Click twice on the bold check box for this widget
  8) Run the form

  The CheckBox's text inside the GroupBox will not be bold. Same with
all other widgets in this GroupBox.

  Something is not aligned well. It could be OK for all widgets inside
the GroupBox to inherit the bold font property (I think not) but then
their own font properties should reflect that.


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