Re: VB: Bug with fonts in GroupBox

From: Dmitry Karasik <>
Date: 07 Nov 2005 14:58:48 +0100

This is not a bug. Font is inherited from the owner if
::ownerFont is set to 1, ( which is so by default ), and widget
has no font explicitly set. Once you set a font on a widget,
the ::ownerFont is automatically set to 0, so if you plan not to
inherit the font from the owner, either set ::ownerFont to 0 or
define the font explicitly. BTW, ::ownerFont is not shown in the
list of properties, because I thought that it would be rarely used,
but this can be changed by deleting line 254 in Prima/VB/

 lanas> Hello, Here's a VB bug concerning fonts.

 lanas> 1) Place a GroupBox on a form 2) Place a CheckBox, a Label, an
 lanas> InputLine in it 3) Select the GroupBox and change its font style to
 lanas> bold 4) Run the form in VB

 lanas> All text inside the GroupBox will be bold.

 lanas> 5) Return to VB in edit mode and select the CheckBox 6) Verify
 lanas> its font: it's not bold 7) Click twice on the bold check box for
 lanas> this widget 8) Run the form

 lanas> The CheckBox's text inside the GroupBox will not be bold. Same
 lanas> with all other widgets in this GroupBox.

 lanas> Something is not aligned well. It could be OK for all widgets
 lanas> inside the GroupBox to inherit the bold font property (I think not)
 lanas> but then their own font properties should reflect that.

 lanas> Cheers,

 lanas> Al

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