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From: Paul Archer <>
Date: Fri, 7 Oct 2005 15:56:54 -0500 (CDT)
To: Dmitry Karasik <>

10:34pm, Dmitry Karasik wrote:

> Paul> I was just wondering if anyone has a screenshots of all the
> Paul> widgets. I can read the description of the different widgets, but
> Paul> it's much easier to look at pictures.
> I just've had an idea, yes, screenshots might be useful, but wouldn't it
> be _way_ more educational to play with these widgets with the visual builder?
> If nothing else, they can be poked interactively.
I was thinking, actually, of going down the list and building each widget
manually. That should give me a feel for what it takes to actually program
each one.

I did play with VB a bit, but two things made it (for me, at least) not too
useful for learning what the widgets look like. One was that the widgets
weren't labeled (ie Prima::TextBox or whatever). That's pretty minor, since
you can usually figure out the class name from the general description. But
the big thing for me is that most of the widgets, when dropped onto the
builder's main panel and then run, simply came out blank. Without any sample
data, they didn't look like much of anything. Of course, some showed things
like a directory tree or a calendar by default, but a lot were too
nondescript to figure out what they would look like in real life.


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