How to access a label inside the tab of a notebook

From: lanas <>
Date: Sat, 8 Oct 2005 11:15:35 -0400

Hello everyone,

  I'm trying to access a label located inside a GroupBox inside the
first tab of a Tabbed Notebook in order to modify its text. I can't
address the label successfully.

  I have a button inside the same first tab (but not inside the
GroupBox) and when I press on it the subroutine to change the label is
called. It gives the error message:

change Label !
Unknown widget or method "Prima::TabbedNotebook::Tab1" at ./
line 21

The code is:

use Prima qw(Application Notebooks);
use Prima::VB::VBLoader;

my $form = Prima::VBLoad('./',
      'RButton' =>
       onClick => \&changeLabel


sub changeLabel
  print "change Label !\n";
  $form->TabbedNotebook1->Tab1->GroupBox1->ALabel->text("Label is
changed"); }

Please note that in this incarnation I tried adding 'Tab1' (which is
the name of the first tab). Otherwise the following gives the same

$form->TabbedNotebook1->GroupBox1->ALabel->text("Label is changed");

The label is indeed named ALabel.

Any help is very much appreciated,

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