Re: Xorg / Prima Color Bug

From: Dmitry Karasik <>
Date: 15 Oct 2005 17:46:17 +0200

        Hi Jens!

On 15 Oct 05 at 16:40, "Jens" (Jens Gassmann) wrote:
>> yes, I think you can, as long Prima can link with it using "-lungif"
>> option.
 Jens> Please tell me how to use the -lungif option? Must i set it at "perl
 Jens> Makefile.Pl" or where is the right place?

No, that's the option to the system linker, not Prima.
Look for -l flags in makefile.log, see what Makefile.PL tries
to do with -lungif, -ltiff, -ljpeg etc and what are error messages.

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