Re: Xorg / Prima Color Bug

From: lanas <>
Date: Sat, 15 Oct 2005 20:34:21 -0400

Le Samedi 15 Octobre 2005 10:40, Jens Gassmann a écrit :

> Dmitry Karasik wrote:
> > On Fri, Oct 14, 2005 at 09:09:09AM +0200, Jens Gassmann wrote:
> >>Hi Dmitry
> >>
> >>>I can see that Prima wasn't compiled with libungif support, do you have
> >>>libungif installed (or, was it installed in a directory where Prima
> >>>couldn't
> >>>find it)?
> >>
> >>my gentoo system says libungif is deprecated and is better use giflib.
> >>Both i could not install. Can i use the newer giflib with Prima?
> >
> > yes, I think you can, as long Prima can link with it using "-lungif"
> > option.
> Please tell me how to use the -lungif option? Must i set it at "perl
> Makefile.Pl" or where is the right place?

Hallo Jens,

  libungif should be installed in the system. If installed in the proper
(often default paths are all right) then the Prima Makefile configuration
will find it.

  On a SuSE system libungif resides in /usr/bin/

# ll /usr/bin/*gif*

  By default (i.e. when you compile it from source) the default is set
to /usr/local/bin/ I think, which is also fine if that path is in
the /etc/ file.

  In other words, if libungif is properly installed then Prima will find it.

  If not, get it from source and compile it or get it from a package method
for your distro and install it. If you compile it from source, be sure to do
a 'ldconfig' after the 'make install'.


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