Re: 'Illegal object reference'

From: Marco Masetti <>
Date: Wed, 6 Jul 2005 11:17:51 +0200

On Wed 06Jul05 11:15AM, Dmitry Karasik wrote:
> Hi lemons!
> On 05 Jul 05 at 23:17, "lemons" (lemons terry) wrote:
> lemons> Hi Today, I took a Perl script that uses Prima, and tried to run
> lemons> it on = another system. This second system does not have Perl or
> lemons> Prima installed; = instead, I brought to this system the entire
> lemons> contents of C:\Perl on my = development system, plus my Perl
> lemons> script. My development systems is Windows XP SP = 2, and my
> lemons> second system is Windows 2000.
Do you mean you copied the Perl interpreter on a different machine ? I think you have to reinstall it if the os is different (and XP and 2000 are definitely different...).
If you don't have a VisualStudio environment, you can try with PxPerl ( that can be built with different compilers (and comes with a lot of stuff and a nice editor too...).
At least install from scratch the perl interpreter, then should be nice to reinstall also Prima so to perform all tests at installation time, when installation is fine you can start running your scripts.
> lemons> When I run my Perl script, it runs fine for a while, and I see
> lemons> three of = my Prima forms displayed and then closed. But, latter
> lemons> in the program execution, I get this error when I try to display
> lemons> my fourth Prima form:
> lemons> Illegal object reference passed to Prima::Component::bring at
> lemons> C:/temp/b/site/lib/Prima/ line 227
> lemons> What would cause an error like this? I'm not sure where to start
> lemons> = looking for problems.
> Too little info, for an educated guess; for an uneducated one, try to
> call Carp::cluck() from to see why bring() is called on
> a dead object.
> --
> Sincerely,
> Dmitry Karasik

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